About IXA

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) is the expert interface between Amsterdam-based academic  institutions and parties interested in their research findings and knowledge, such as companies, educational institutions, investors, health care providers, entrepreneurs, government bodies and societal organisations. Being an interface, IXA deploys its expertise in both directions: assisting researchers in generating societal and economic impact from their work and assisting external parties in navigating the academic landscape to find a solution or spot an opportunity.

IXA is a collaboration between the TTOs (Technology Transfer Offices) of five institutions:
•    Amsterdam University Medical Centres
•    University of Amsterdam (UvA)
•    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)
•    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Partnering science for impact

Creating societal impact from science is the overall goal of IXA. By facilitating and stimulating the interaction between academic researchers and external parties, IXA drives the transition of scientific discoveries and results into ground breaking innovations and insights that benefit society in a multitude of ways. A process we call 'valorisation'. Because of the wide range of scientific disciplines covered by the partners of IXA, the possibilities for valorisation are virtually unlimited: a new interpretation of historical events may offer clues to mediate in current conflicts, a new algorithm may lead to more secure data exchange, a new chemical process may improve the efficiency of solar cells, a new way of organizing health care may enable elderly people to live independently for longer, a collection of tumour samples may generate a new lead for cancer therapy, and so on.

For researchers

IXA can operate and assist in various roles. We can actively participate in the negotiations on research collaborations or licensing agreements with industry or other public research organisations. Setting up consortium agreements and contracts dealing with access to or transfer of intellectual property rights is another important service, as is drafting patent applications and advising on the best approach towards protecting intellectual property. We can assist in finding and securing subsidies and other forms of financial support. And foremost, we can help you to identify the best valorisation strategy for your particular idea, discovery, invention, technology, material or insight.

For external parties

IXA is the primary point of entry to the research expertise and facilities offered by the academic institutions. IXA is an expertise centre, helpdesk and liaison all in one.

IXA was created by the partnership of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is supported by the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and is a partner of the Amsterdam Economic Board, the Amsterdam Science Park and the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship.