Business Development Manager Cancer Center Amsterdam

Connect cancer research to profit and non-profit partners

Work environment

Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) is one of the eight research alliance institutes between AMC and VUmc that started in 2016, and that unites researchers in AMC and VUmc.  These academic hospitals have, together with VU and UvA/HvA, also linked their Knowledge Transfer Offices into a new expertise center: Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA, www.ixa.nl)

IXA is a dynamic and expanding organization with a focus on intellectual property and commercialization. Our key values are customer service, market focus and professionalism.  IXA helps Amsterdam scientists turn their ideas, research results and inventions into practical applications, and encourages collaboration with external parties – companies, other organizations, investors – to develop and put to work these new ideas, by negotiating the necessary contracts. 

Your job

As a Business Development Manager Cancer Center Amsterdam you will be the driving force for new collaborations with stakeholders to add value in the domain of cancer. You will be part of an IXA team devoted to knowledge transfer, working closely with researchers and actively identify promising initiatives within this domain and ensure their realization.

Your main tasks and responsibilities are:

  1. Liaising closely with the principal investigators in the research institute to recognize chances for collaborations and financial support for their projects ;
  2. Identifying innovations, inventions and valorization opportunities;
  3. In close consultation with the CCA researchers initiating, establishing and negotiating collaborations between CCA research groups and companies, governmental/grant bodies, and non-profit organizations;
  4. Creating ‘business models’ to connect with commercial partners or organizations;
  5. Implementing a knowledge valuation policy and creating awareness among researchers in the domain of cancer research;
  6. Coaching and encouraging entrepreneurial scientists who wish to make their first steps in business.

Job requirements

With a background in life sciences organizations and industry you can converse in both realms and readily translate scientific results into valuable business propositions, which you are then capable of successfully exploiting in the market. 

You have

  1. A background in life sciences, preferably with a focus on Oncology;
  2. Two or more years of experience in R&D and/or business development in a relevant industry sector;
  3. A PhD and/or MBA degree is preferred;
  4. Preferably, knowledge of intellectual property protection.

You bring

  1. A creative and service-oriented attitude with an ability to work with both academic groups and companies;
  2. Fluency in English and Dutch.

You are able to

  1. Interact with scientists and entrepreneurs while adhering to policy boundaries;
  2. Develop research collaboration propositions;
  3. Realize mutually attractive contracts with partners/sponsors for research on the thematic program level;
  4. Balance the interests of the organisations and research institute, in connection with other IXA business developers / colleagues;
  5. Contribute to the strategic planning of the research institute.

Terms of employment

Salary scale 12 (depending on qualifications and experience): minimum € 4,350 and maximum € 5,592 gross per month at full-time employment.

In addition to an excellent basic salary we offer among secondary terms of employment an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% and a holiday allowance of 8%. For more information on our fringe benefits, please see our benefits http://www.werkenbijvumc.nl/vumc/arbeidsvoorwaarden/

For Dutch nationals, a “Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag” is mandatory. We offer a contract for 12 months which is extendable upon good performance.


Should you have any questions about the position, please contact Bart Klijsen, director IXA VU & VUmc via +31 (0)20 59 89 905 or Anne Drost, corporate recruiter, via +31 (0)20 44 45 635. You can submit your application before the deadline of January 7, 2018 at www.werkenbijvumc.nl/vacatures/business-development-manager-cancer-center-amsterdam/


Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated.