Henk van Doren

Henk van Doren is working as Business Development Manager at IXA office Amsterdam UMC - locatie AMC.

Henk van Doren has obtained a PhD in synthetic and physical organic chemistry at the University of Groningen. After leading a small team of researchers in the field of modification of carbohydrates at NIKO-TNO in Groningen, he joined TNO Nutrition and Food Research and climbed the managerial ladder for a number of years before switching to a role much closer to his heart, in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) and Licensing. In 2007 he joined Friesland Foods (now FrieslandCampina), initially to lead the IP-department and later on as contract manager at FC’s Corporate Innovation Centre in Wageningen, where he was responsible for negotiating, drafting and finalizing the full range of contractual arrangements with respect to FC’s outsourced and collaborative R&D projects, including nutritional intervention trials, licensing and IP-transfer. In addition, he advised on contractual and IP-arrangements in subsidized consortia, EU and TKI-projects and set up a seminar on do’s and don’ts in R&D collaborations for the R&D community. Henk joined the IXA office at the AMC in 2018.

Areas of expertise: collaborative R&D, Intellectual Property, licensing and IP transfer, Open Innovation

Contact details:
+31 (0)20 566 5056