Karin van de Sande

Dr. Karin van de Sande is working as advisor research funding at IXA office UvA-HvA.

Karin received her PhD from Wageningen University (Molecular Plant Biology). After carrying out research on plant architecture as recipient of a Marie Curie individual fellowship under FP4, she continued her career working as assistant co-ordinator of GARNet, the UK ‘omics’ services and research community for Arabidopsis research. Karin has been working for the UvA since 2003, initially as Manager Research and Acquisition for SILS, later at the Technology Transfer Office (now IXA), where she worked on patent applications and Business Development and is currently active in the area of research funding advice.

Karin van de Sande provides support for applications, training and advice to several research institutes of the Faculty of Science: SILS (together with Annette Dirac), HIMS (idem), IoP en ILLC (together with Maren Pannemann).

Areas of expertise: (EU) research grants, NWO grants and STW grants

Contact details:
+31 (0)20 525 5248