Marianka van der Tol

Marianka van der Tol is working as Business Development Manager Cancer Center Amsterdam at IXA office Amsterdam UMC.

Previously, she worked as a medical director at Teva Pharmaceuticals, first at the Dutch and then the European affiliate. Her experience covers the full range of activities between drug approval and market launch. At the Dutch affiliate in Haarlem she was responsible for the local post-approval scientific strategy including setting up alliances with scientists and clinicians in research domains of interest to the company. Before Teva, she worked a.o. at Sanofi in clinical trial management. Marianka has a background in Biomedical Sciences from Leiden University. She joined IXA in October 2018.

Areas of expertise: medical science, collaborative research, clinical development, reimbursement strategies.

Contact details:
+31 (0)20 59 89 905