1. I have received a contract that is prepared by an external party. Can I ask IXA to perform a legal check?

Yes, the legal experts at IXA gladly help out when it concerns contracts relating to research or intellectual property, including research collaborations, contract research assignments, material transfer agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, licensing contracts or consortium agreements. Check our contact details [link] to find the right expert for your question.

2. I am working on a research proposal. Can IXA assess the paragraph on IP?

Yes, when it concerns a proposal for a subsidy or grant, the subsidy advisers can check this part of the proposal. For other types of proposals, the IXA legal experts can review the proposal and advise on where (in the proposal itself, in a accompanying contract) and how IP should be discussed.

3. Who owns my/our invention? What about my/our rights to ownership of the results and revenues that stem from my/our research?

By Dutch law, any intellectual property that comes about as part of your employment belongs to your employers, respectively AMC, UvA, HvA, VU or VUmc.  Each IXA partner has IP regulations in place that include a revenue scheme. In case your invention or results from your research generate revenues, you will personally be award part of the net income. Please the IP regulations [link] that are relevant for your employment or contact your HR department.

4. Can IXA supply me with templates of a research contract, MTA or NDA?

When you need a contract or legal arrangement, please fill out the contact form [link] and we will provide a draft of the relevant contract.

5. Why can I not publish my results or present them at a conference before filing a patent application?

The moment details of an invention enter the public domain, which includes a presentation at a conference or a paper in a journal, the invention is no longer deemed novel, and will not be granted a patent. Therefore, it is important to contact IXA as early as possible in so we can assess whether a patent filing is relevant for your project and if so, how we can ensure proper protection of the invention while at the same time safeguarding your rights to publish the results. Patenting and publishing are not mutually exclusive, but it requires proper timing and planning.