Opportunities for collaboration

IXA always has opportunities for collaboration or licensing opportunities. We will publish these on our website.Below are our current licensing opportunities.

Novel insights into neuroinflammatory diseases from studying freshly isolated human microglia and CNS surveilling T cells
Innate and adaptive immune cells are crucially involved in the onset and progression of neuroinflammatory diseases as multiple sclerosis (MS), yet their study is hampered by limited access of primary... »
INHIBODY©: an ultra-specific labeling tool for measuring active glucocerebrosidase in Gaucher patients and determining the biodistribution of therapeutic enzyme
INHIBODY labelling is superior to current tests for diagnosis of Gaucher’s disease. Its use should lead to more cost-effective use of costly enzyme replacement therapy. »
Normalization panels for RT-qPCR experiments on circulating miRNAs
First universal panel that can be used to normalize miRNA expression levels in several blood components. More reliable results when diagnosing patients when using miRNA biomarker based tests »
miRNA biomarker predicting aspirin insensitivity in patients at risk of recurrent cardiovascular events
First test to determine which CVD patients are aspirin resistant. Leads to better treatment of CVD patients and thereby prevents recurrence of cardiovascular events »
Convolutional neural network architecture with excellent performance on small data for image recognition
Computerised Image recognition offers a fantastic opportunity to improve a firm’s efficiency as search, classification and analytic tasks are sped up and require less human labour. »
A new dual-action medication to cause double-trouble for Tuberculosis
Development of an oral formulation with a two-step delivery of an antibiotic and a DNA binding protein inhibitor to target a weak spot in Mycobacterium tuberculosis »


ACS Biomarker
ACS Biomarker is delivering biomarker validation services. ACS Biomarker has focused on RNA biomarkers and built a robust RNA biomarker validation pipeline. »