Opportunities for collaboration

IXA always has opportunities for collaboration or licensing opportunities. We will publish these on our website.Below are our current licensing opportunities.

Classification of sepsis patients as 4 blood genomic endotypes with prognostic and pathophysiological implications
Sepsis remains a remarkable adversary to medicine, characterized by poor prognosis and high mortality rates. Despite the burden on patients, their families and the health care system, treatment... »
A new dual-action medication to cause double-trouble for Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is once again a threat to the world, especially due to the multi-drug resistant species that have infected around 500.000 humans world-wide in 2015 only. Treatment options for these... »
Method for identifying individuals at high risk of developing arthritis
RA is a chronic autoimmune disease with unknown etiology. Clinically manifest arthritis due to synovial inflammation is the hallmark feature of RA. However, it is not the first sign of disease, as the... »
Cellulose as Raw Material
Cellulose from natural biomass or waste streams is an ideal material for the production of base chemicals. At the UvA chemistry department two groups are working on this sustainable chemistry... »
Miniature sensors for detecting specific molecules
we are looking for partner to develop the technology of a miniature hybrid sensing mechanism further into a detection device. »
Sunscreen: Just add water...
The Molecular Photonics group investigates how photoactive compounds that are employed in sunscreens dissipate the energy of UV photons, thereby paving the way for a potentially game-changing approach... »


ACS Biomarker
ACS Biomarker is delivering biomarker validation services. ACS Biomarker has focused on RNA biomarkers and built a robust RNA biomarker validation pipeline. »