A new dual-action medication to cause double-trouble for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is once again a threat to the world, especially due to the multi-drug resistant species that have infected around 500.000 humans world-wide in 2015 only. Treatment options for these patients are limited and expensive, and more dramatically, in some cases completely absent; clinicians have no cure for these patients. Using high resolution microscopy techniques we discovered that upon antibiotic treatment the DNA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis condenses into a single clump (Figure 1). Recovery from this condensed state turns out to be a not yet discovered weak spot of the bacteria. Importantly, by using this weak spot we could influence survival of the bacteria dramatically. This is a whole new approach in antibiotic treatment for these pathogenic mycobacteria, and as also other bacteria condense their DNA, the approach will be applicable for more pathogens


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