Method for identifying individuals at high risk of developing arthritis

Type of Opportunity: Licensing / Collaboration Opportunity

Keywords: rheumatoid arthritis | preRA | BCRclones | RA prevention | early treatment

Source: Academic Medical Center (AMC) -  Rheumatology

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease with unknown etiology. Clinically manifest arthritis due to synovial inflammation is the hallmark feature of RA. Researchers have been searching for highly accurate biomarkers that predict development of RA in the short term. This will enable development of treatment in a phase of the disease, the ‘window of opportunity’ where the disease shows better treatment response.
This invention is based on the finding that an increase in the number of dominant B-cell receptor (BCR) clones in peripheral blood is associated with arthritis development. This marker outperforms clinical prediction markers and may be used in guiding institution of more aggressive treatment in a very early phase of the disease.

Contact: IXA-AMC | Marc Roelofs | +31 20 566 8021 | m.roelofs@ixa.nl

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