miRNA biomarker predicting aspirin insensitivity in patients at risk of recurrent cardiovascular events

Worldwide, aspirin is the most commonly prescribed platelet inhibitor after a cardiovascular event. In the
initial phase short triple therapy is initiated with Plavix (or a similar molecule like Clopidrogel/Pasugrel), a
cIP2A3B inhibitor and ascal. Later on, prolonged dual therapy is started with aspirin combined with Plavix
(or a similar molecule like Clopidrogel/Pasugrel) in case a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has
been performed.

After 1 year of dual therapy lifelong therapy with aspirin only is installed. Despite this type of secondary
stage prevention with aspirin however, many patients suffer from re-events that are thought to be due to
insensitivity of platelets to aspirin. If such patients could be identified, this might lead to other lifelong
treatment strategies, such as Clopidogrel or similar molecules as monotherapy or prolonging dual


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