ACS Biomarker

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ACS Biomarker 


Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

The company

ACS Biomarker is an AMC spin-off delivering biomarker validation services. Today, the majority of diagnostic tests is protein based. In recent years RNA has become increasingly popular for its diagnostic and prognostic properties in cancer, cardiovascular and many other diseases. The identification of novel RNA species opened up promising biomarker opportunities and could be the answer for the diagnostic challenges some diseases are still facing.

Over the past couple of years, ACS Biomarker has focused on RNA biomarkers and we built a robust RNA biomarker validation pipeline.  This pipeline consists of study design, discovery, qPCR validation and data analysis. We are specifically specialized in the reliable and reproducible detection and analysis of RNA biomarkers in blood.

Our services can be widely used. We offer qPCR validation of your Next Generation Sequencing results, large scale biomarker measurements in clinical studies, extraction services and customized biomarker solutions.

If you need a partner to get solid biomarker data out of your clinical samples or if you are looking for a technology partner for your research project/grant application please visit our website (www.acsbiomarker.com) or send an email to info@acsbiomarker.com.