AIMM Therapeutics

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AIMM Therapeutics 


Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

The company

AIMM Therapeutics was formed to develop a progressive approach to the discovery of therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. AIMM’s antibody discovery platform couples proprietary knowledge of B cell immortalization with the isolation of promising antibodies from humans or animals. The company’s discovery pipeline concentrates on the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

Established in 2004, AIMM Therapeutics is a biotech company comprised from a joint venture between Immpact and the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam (AMC). Immpact was founded in 2001 by Dr. Hergen Spits, Professor T. Schumacher and Dr. D.A. Kalff of the Cancer Research Technology and Biomed – a vehicle of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In 2009, AIMM acquired a seed capital investment from Life Science Fund Amsterdam.