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Arbeidsmarktresearch UvA BV


University of Amsterdam

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Arbeidsmarktresearch UvA B.V. (ARR) is attached to the Department of Labour Law at the University of Amsterdam and founded in 2010 by Professor Evert Verhulp. ARR develops digital, legal knowledgesystems in the field of employment law. The main goal is to increase the accessibility of law and to give users insight into their legal position.

Specific reason for the creation of ARR were two judgments of the Supreme Court, where it was considered that the subdistrict court formula could not be used for the determination of damages in an unjustified dismissal. Therefore, the compensation for unjustified dismissal had to be determined in accordance with the rules of budgetary compensation. The expected duration of unemployment is an important element in this. There was no tool available to calculate the duration of unemployment. This has been the impetus for the development of a practical calculation tool: "How Long Unemployed?". Initially, the calculations were made manually on request. In 2012, the tool was made available online through www.hoelangwerkloos.nl. To date, it is still widely used and seen in published case law.

Following "How Long Unemployed?" the tool "KOO" was created. This is a digital, interactive decision tree that gives an estimate of the probability of success in unreasonable dismissal proceedings. This estimate is validated by comparing the results of the tool with that of 250 published cases.

For the Work and Security (WWZ) Act ARR has developed two tools. The first tool is a digital questionnaire to calculate the transition allowance. All the factors and exceptions are included in the calculation. After answering the questions, the user receives a complete overview of the data and the outcome. The second tool ARR launched in August 2015 is the tool "Mag Ontslag?" (Is dismissal Ok). This is a digital, interactive decision tree that allows the user to estimate his chances of getting a dismissal case under the WWZ Act. If there is a chance of success a full appeal, defense and / or letter to the employer is generated. Above tools are available op www.magontslag.nl.