CellaGenics BV

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CellaGenics BV


University of Amsterdam

The company

CellaGenics BV is a biotechnology spin-off company that was established by UvA Holding BV in 2008 in collaboration with the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS/FNWI).

CellaGenics develops biomedical applications derived from the fundamental research conducted at the Swammerdam Institute. One example includes the production of therapeutic proteins such as antibodies that fight certain forms of cancer. These antibodies are extremely difficult to produce, which leads to high production costs. High production costs mean that the application of these successful therapies has remained limited so far.

CellaGenics aims to use techniques from molecular biology, genetics and cellular biology to improve production methods for therapeutic proteins. This process demonstrates how fundamental scientific findings are being used to help solve major societal problems.