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Oefenweb.nl BV


University of Amsterdam

The company

Oefenweb.nl BV is a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam, founded in January 2009 by the Group of Psychological Methods from the University of Amsterdam (Prof. Han van der Maas) and UvA Holding BV. Oefenweb.nl makes exercise-tracking systems, such as Rekentuin.nl that follow the Game & Train, Track & Teach principle.

Game & Train, Track & Teach stands for the idea that children can practice by playing (game) of educational computer specific skills (Train). By registering answers (Track) children give it is possible to get a picture of individual and group development. This information can be used by teachers to give students feedback (Teach) on individual specific problems.Oefenweb.nl wants to build a bridge between education and research. The anonymous data collected by the exercise-tracking systems, are used to develop new scientific insights. Oefenweb.nl aims to improve education by:

  1. providing children a challenging environment for practicing academic skills.
  2. promoting computing and language development.
  3. making revisions of work done easier for teachers.
  4. providing teachers with detailed information on the individual development of children and the typical mistakes that they make.
  5. promote scientific research into the underlying mechanisms of development.

Oefenweb.nl has developed a new method for measuring development in academic skills. One of the main innovations is that games for children are adaptive. This means the difficulty of the tasks automatically adapts to the childs skill level. This makes the tasks for each individual child challenging and it is possible to determine quickly and accurately the childs level while playing. Furthermore the high-frequency measurements, where children play every week, creates a very accurate picture of individual development.