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VU University Amsterdam

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The mission of OPNT is to relocate all current GPS-based services to ‘from the sky’ to the telecommunication network, thereby opening up the 200 billion euro global market of GPS and GPS-enabled products to developers, managers, and users of telecommunication networks. The solutions of OPNT integrate GPS-quality timing and beyond with the flexibility and reliability of standard telecom equipment.

OPNT is a Dutch enterprise which has its roots in the science department of VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where it is located on campus. Since it was founded in early 2014, OPNT has been rapidly expanding, acquiring its own work spaces and a dedicated team of engineers. Since December 2015, business operations of OPNT have been backed by venture capital of Cottonwood Euro Technology Fund. While being a fully independent entity, OPNT has licensed access to highly specialized laboratories and a network of international timing specialists.