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Sightcorp BV


University of Amsterdam

The company

Sightcorp. B.V. is a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science), established in July 2013 as a result of the work of Dr. Roberto Valenti, inventor, and dr. Theo Gevers, professor of Computer Vision Technology Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Sightcorps mission is to be a world leader in advanced computer vision technology, facial analysis and emotion recognition technology.

Sightcorp has a business case for various industrial applications. For instance market research: Sightcorp customers can gain a deep insight into real-time user interaction with visual stimuli, with which they can optimize marketing, the design of their products, website, and their advertising materials.

Marketing budgets can be used more efficiently, resulting in a higher return on investment. Global consumer products integrate the type of solutions Sightcorp supplies.

Sight Corp crowd-analysis provides the ability to analyse groups of people by gender, age, facial emotion and interests, without compromising their privacy. A possible application of this is the analysis of interests and eye movements of people looking at billboards or shopping in large malls.

The advanced algorithms of Sightcorp make it possible to understand the unconscious response of consumers to stimuli in real-life situations, without the consumers conscious involvement. People's behavior is recorded and stored, after which it is possible to analyse this at any time. The recording can be done with a simple webcam, a smartphone camera or a camera embedded in a television screen.