MicroVision Medical

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MicroVision Medical 


Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

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MicroVision Medical has introduced real-time assessment and analysis of the patients’ microcirculation at the bed side.
The new USB3 MicroScan can be regarded as the fourth generation handheld microscope for clinical assessment and almost immediate analysis result of the patients’ microcirculation.

MicroScan employs a completely redesigned imaging technology called SDF+ as well greatly enhanced data acquisition and analysis algorithms in the latest version of the MicroScan software application called AVA 5.

The combination of SDF+ and AVA 5 results in the immediate routine use of the microcirculation as an easily monitored parameter in the clinic.

The technology is easy to use, intuitive and fast allowing a nurse to take it on rounds for regular patient checkups. Moreover, it provides reliable, consistent and reproducible data that adheres fully to the rules of the internationally accepted consensus scoring guidelines.