Collaboration and negotiations with external parties

There is no standard recipe for a successful valorisation track. But if we look for common denominators one element immediately sticks out: collaboration. Turning a scientific result into a practical application, whatever the form may be, is never a one-person or even a one-group, effort. More often, you need different parties with different expertise, skills and facilities. Partners can be other academic research groups, companies, SME’s, NGO’s, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, hospitals, government agencies – whichever suits your needs best. 

Identifying potential partners is an important first step. Existing partnerships are a good starting point, but sometimes you need to start looking around for other possible partners. IXA can support you right from the start and help you with finding the right partner. Together, we draw an outline of the needs of your particular project and the required contribution of external parties. Next, we can help you scout potential partners, using your contacts and our own broad network in the public and private sector. Once the partners have agreed to start discussions, we can help you to deal with the formal aspects. IXA has all the necessary legal and financial expertise for this purpose.

Collaborating with software developers

More and more research results lead to software applications such as apps, sites, virtual or augmented reality, games, web applications and web modules. Developing these applications entails collaboration with software developers. To facilitate the software development process, IXA has developed a checklist and a flowchart. The checklist leads you through the process. The flowchart provides an overview of the departments involved in the various phases of development.


Negotiating an agreement that suits the interests of all parties involved can be challenging. Especially when commercial parties are involved, it is key to thoroughly prepare for discussions and negotiations. IXA gladly takes place at the table to assist you during the negotiations. This way, we can help safeguard your interests and ensure an optimal outcome for your research group and institution.

IXA has solid experience in closing collaboration and consortium agreements as well as other types of contracts. We make sure the financial, IP- and other legal aspects of the contract are fully compliant with the policies and guidelines of your institution. When it comes to the scientific and organisational details of a project, the researchers remain in the lead. 

Types of contracts/negotiations facilitated and handled by IXA:
• Collaboration Agreement
• Joint Ownership Agreement
• Contract Research:

  1. Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA);
  2. Material Transfer Agreements (MTA);
  3. Research collaborations;
  4. Licensing;
  5. Consultancy agreements.