License agreement and Joint Ownership Agreement

In essence, license agreements cover the rights to third parties or spin-off companies to use certain know-how or intellectual property rights.

If it is clear that an IXA Institution owns certain intellectual property rights, such as patents or copyrights, a license can be granted to another party to use the intellectual property for commercial purposes. In return, the licensee pays a compensation to the licensor, for example through royalty payments or a lump sum amount. License contracts will have to be drafted for every specific case. IXA can assist you in such drafting and in establishing the market value of the license.  
If the IXA partner is not the sole owner, and/or the intellectual property rights are developed within a collaboration with other parties, it may be appropriate to agree on a joint ownership arrangement in which the rights of both parties are secured. For example, the other owners can transfer his rights to one party in return for compensation. Or all partners point out one single party (the lead) which has the task to explore commercialization.

Please be aware that arrangements concerning licensing and the ownership of intellectual property may be part of a collaboration, or consortium agreement in some cases. IXA can help you in the negotiation process with other parties and help draw the appropriate contracts.