Research collaboration and Contract research

A large part of the academic research takes place in the context of a research consortium in which companies, universities, research institutes and/or societal organisations participate. Examples are public private partnerships (PPPs) or EU-funded collaborations through the Framework Programmes. In such collaborative endeavours, the costs of research are only partially covered by the funding instruments (subsidies, research grants). The participants each invest ('match') from their own resources.

That is why at the start of such a collaboration, it is very important to formalise agreements on property and exploitation rights that may stem from the research results. The work performed in collaboration with the external parties may result in the development of knowledge and/or intellectual property rights. IXA negotiate on behalf of their institutions and researchers an agreement which reflects a fair arrangement with respect to the research that is performed and the compensation that is paid for it. The legal counsels can assist you in this process. They will where needed liaise with the legal counsel of the external party and guide you through the clauses of the agreement.

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