Valorisation guide for medical technology

Especially for AMC and VUmc healthcare professionals and researchers who wish to learn more about innovation and valorisation in medical technology, the IXA team has compiled the IXA valorisation guide for medical technology. The text is based on the knowledge and experiences of researchers from AMC and VUmc and the IXA team.

A clever idea, or the identification of a clinical need? The starting point for successful innovation in medical technology may be less complex than you think.
In this brochure you will discover how to develop effective solutions and new products for healthcare. We hope to provide you with insight and understanding of innovation in medical technology and offer you helpful tools and assistance, whether it is the process from opportunity to market introduction, collaboration with industry, rules and regulations, or patent aspects. You can read all about it in this guide. Included are interviews with colleagues who are already developing new medical technologies.

Pontes Medical.