Research tools & Facilities (cell lines, mouse models, antibodies, data, software, algorithms, etc.)

Typically, research tools are materials such as antibodies, vectors, plasmids, cell lines, model systems (plants/animals), and other materials used as ‘tools’ in the research process like databases and biobanks. But also software and eg. algorithms can be categorized as research tools.

Research tools do not necessarily need to be protected by patents in order to be licensed to (commercial) third parties and generate revenue for your laboratory. Other research tools, such as new separation processes, may need to be patented in order for a company to invest in the engineering development to make the process broadly useful.

If you have research tools that you believe to be valuable, IXA gladly works with you to develop the appropriate protection, licensing and distribution strategy, and assist you in making the proper legal arrangements. We will also help you in distributing research materials at zero or minimal charge to other academic collaborators while preserving the materials’ commercial potential.