Starting a company

Depending on the idea, invention or research results at hand, founding a company may be the best route for further development and/or commercializing of know-how and/or intellectual property rights. Together with the business developers at IXA’s team you evaluate the pros and cons of this route. And if a spin-off company is the best opportunity, IXA can support you on all aspects involved in setting up a new business. Think of a business plan, housing, financing, market research and all the legal requirements.
Contact IXA to discuss your plans for starting up a company with our business developers.

Starting a company step-by-step

Intake and evaluation

Together with a business developer at IXA, you will evaluate your idea/invention thoroughly to see if there is true business potential in the proposed innovation Examples of questions we will probably put forward include:

• Who would be potential customers?
• Is there an existing market?
• What about the competition?
• Are the financial risks acceptable?
• Who will be managing the company?

Business plan

In most cases, starting a company may require solid financial investments. Substantial funds will often be needed to get things going. There are costs for further research and development, for personnel, for housing, for equipment, and so on. To attract external funding, whether through grants, subsidies or private financial parties, it is essential to present a solid and thorough business plan. Only when investors are convinced of the quality of the proposition, the team and the financial basis of the new company they will agree to come on board.
IXA can assist in formulating and substantiating the different elements of the business plan, such as the market proposition and the underlying financial foundation, as well as in coming to an overall convincing document. IXA also offers several courses that focus on writing a business plan.

Management / Advisors

IXA gladly deploys its broad network of entrepreneurs and professionals from a wide range of industrial, business and public sectors to identify experts that can strengthen the management of the new venture or serve as external advisors.

Investors / Funding

The IXA team offers a considerable body of knowledge on funding sources: from subsidies and innovation grants to private investors. Together, we can explore the possibilities on a regional, national and European level. In addition, IXA has its own financial instruments in place to support new ventures: the Proof-of-Concept fund and the Pre-Seed fund.

Legal requirements and contracts

When  the decision has been made to set up a company, and potential partners/investors are ready to participate, all rules, rights and obligations between the stakeholders should be written down in several legal documents and contracts, such as:

• Declaration of Intent
• Deed of Incorporation/articles of association
• Shareholders Agreement
• Arrangements between company and University/Medical Centre

After the spin-off has launched

As a general rule, IXA can provide legal assistance in cases where one of the Universities or Medical Centres participate through its holding companies for more than 50% in a spin-off company.