Alpha-Gamma valorisation at VU and UvA-HvA

The IXA team has compiled the IXA valorisation guide for social sciences and humanities (SSH) especially for researchers who want to learn more about valorisation. The text of the guide is based on the knowledge and experiences of researchers and the IXA team. This guide was written for researchers looking for practical valorisation guidelines. Whether you are taking your first steps along this path or already have valorisation experience, this handbook helps you make the most out of your scientific knowledge.

Taskforce Alpha-Gamma valorisation

In 2013 the taskforce Valorisation for the Alpha-Gamma domain was installed within the University of Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The purpose of the taskforce was to support the faculties of the humanities, social sciences and arts to develop and implement a valorisation strategy.

The initial inventory made by the taskforce showed that within the faculties a lot of researchers were already valorising. Much more than initially thought, ranging from programs in post academic education to spin-off companies, collaboration with industry and social institutions to advisory work.

Other findings from the inventory were that successful valorisation activities occur from the creativity and motivation of individual researchers. But also that researchers need support and tools for valorisation activities. For example, when exploring opportunities to effectively utilize scientific knowledge, creating network and stakeholder analysis, during negotiations and contracts and creating partnerships. Therefore, the taskforce has developed several tools to support researchers in their valorisation activities such as valorisation workshops and developing a Valorisation Guide for researchers in humanities, social sciences and arts.

Since the establishment of the taskforce Alpha-Gamma Valorisation much has been realised. Faculties have developed a valorisation plan, capacity has been created within some faculties to support the implementation of valorisation and a special funding has been made available to start research pilots.