Patent workshop

What is a patent? Why should I apply for it?
What can I use it for? What’s in it for me?

The patent workshop offers a highly interactive program, with much room for questions and discussions. The program will deal with the following topics:

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?
What is a patent?
Importance of patents
Who is entitled to file a patent?
What can you do with a patent?
What is the content of a patent?
What is a patentable invention?
What are the criteria for patentability?
Balance between patenting and publication
Overview of the patenting process
Patenting and collaborating with Industry

Who will benefit from this workshop?

The workshop is intended for scientists, potential inventors and support staff. No specific background or knowledge in intellectual property is required. This workshop is developed by IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, former TTO’s of UvA/AMC & VU & VUmc).

When and where?

This workshop will be given twice a year. The location of the workshop is alternately at the VU University, UvA or AMC. Please look at the agenda for the exact date and location.

More information
 E. info@ixa.nl
 T. IXA 020 59 89905 or 020 525 2536