Valorisation program IXAnext: Talent for innovation

In collaboration with UvA, AMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, VUmc and HvA(AUAS-Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and the research institutes AMOLF and Nikhef, IXA gives a strong impulse to entrepreneurship, innovation and valorization in the collaborative valorization program ‘IXAnext; Talent for innovation’. The goal of the program is to stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in education and research. In the program various initiatives will be launched.

Amsterdam Physics Research and Innovation Lab (APRIL)

One of the initiatives are the innovation labs at Amsterdam Science Park and VU campus. The universities provide access to the laboratories and research facilities from which companies can benefit academic supervision and the latest scientific facilities and expertise.  

Venture studios

Additionally, Venture Studios are designed at VU campus, Amsterdam Science Park, AMC and HvA in which students and researchers are facilitated with physical spaces on campus but also with entrepreneurship programs to startup and scale-up their own business. 

Entrepreneurship education

With additional measures, such as case studies, a mentor pool and linking students to startups for student jobs, the entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam is brought to a higher level and renewed so that it better reflects the current economic conditions and needs of the market.

Polishing Diamonds in the Rough: IXAnext programme Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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