The Amsterdam Physics Research and Innovation Lab (APRIL)

The APRIL program provides high-quality scientific equipment, research facilities and expertise that will allow entrepreneurs, SME’s, industry and public organisations to conduct both short and long term R&D projects, or carry out conceptual or technical feasibility studies within the institutes of the Amsterdam Physics community. Also establishing more long-term collaborations with Amsterdam research laboratories in the universities and NWO institutes is possible.

Gain access to scientific research facilities

With the Physics on Demand program we allow you to conduct your physics experiments for business innovation without the need for heavy investments. APRIL offers a broad range of state-of-the-art equipment, technical facilities and research expertise. Including - but clearly not limited to - advanced optical (microscopy/spectroscopy) instruments, NMR, surface analysis instruments (STM, AFM), mass spectrometry, rheology, 3D printing, lithography. 

Demonstrator Lab for students and researchers

The Demonstrator Lab is a facility where bright ideas mature and are transformed into tangible customer added value. These goals are best achieved by formulating a set of hypotheses and milestones, and test them with real customers.

We give students and researchers space and support to build the equipment, the team, the connections, and the business tools that they need to understand whether their idea can make it. Through the course of about one year, we review the progress and advise the developing team whether to continue with that business model, pivot, or simply abandon the idea..… and maybe move to the next one.

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Please do reach out to us if you like access to our high-quality scientific facilities and expertise.

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