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The goal of this project is to develop a new approach in non-invasive glucose detection to monitor glucose levels in sweat. For more information see our video


The project relies on the combination of science and art to create added value, and it is steadily progressing. This is a project between VU, the Art Academy of Rotterdam, and ESA. The idea is to develop photovoltaic cells for different purposes, including art shows, children education toys, and manned space missions. In the next months, we will further discuss the valorization strategy.  


From September 1, a student (0.4 fte) will start developing the first prototype for this project, which aims at delivering scanners for the detection of defects in metals. The initial focus is on art conservation, but more applications are under discussion.


The goal of this project is to develop a goggle that can detect dry-eye conditions without any discomfort for the tested person. The team has already developed a couple of prototypes.


The project aims at developing fast and easy payment methods for small clubs. The D-Lab currently gives the company logistic support, the use of general tools and equipment, and access to the D-Lab network. This is a project initiated by two SBI (Science Business and Innovation) students, who have installed an electronic payment system in the SBI student room.

GOGGLE3D (working title)

This is a new project. The group has developed a virual-reality 3D program that works on smartphones to allow students to navigate inside complex molecules and see how the different atoms are connected.

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