Entrepreneurship Education in IXAnext program

Since 2008, VU, UvA and HvA (and in recent years Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK)) have been working together in promoting and developing entrepreneurship education. Many forms of entrepreneurial education have been developed with the help of Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), such as the VU-UvA joint Master in Entrepreneurship, several minors in entrepreneurship and a growing number of (optional) subjects in the field of entrepreneurship.

IXAnext program

The various partners are now deepening and broadening entrepreneurship education in their own institutes and will keep working together in the different valorisation programs, including the IXAnext program Talent for Innovation. The additional measures are:
•    Cases in Entrepreneurship education
•    Pilots Blended Learning
•    Interface Students Startups
•    Post experience program
•    Mentorpool university incubators.

Amsterdam cases in Entrepreneurship education

The Amsterdam cases give a more Amsterdam touch to entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam. By involving Amsterdam examples in education, students get inspiring examples from their immediate environment. All Amsterdam knowledge institutes are involved.

Pilot in blended learning

Blended learning is the combination of online (lecture material) and offline (personal contact) educational activities within a course or curriculum. This is in particular suitable for entrepreneurship education, in which experiential learning is central and the need for knowledge is highly context-dependent.

Interface students

In an easy way linking talented students to start-up teams. Through a series of events we will inspire and recruit the students and with a matchmaking tool we will link the students to companies.

Post experience program

Develop post-experience entrepreneurship education for alumni.


Students who are working on the development of their own company within the framework of or next to their education need a lot of coaching by experienced mentors both for the development of their company and in relation to the combination with studying. This educational measure focuses mainly on the development of a sustainable and high-quality mentoring tool.


  1. Nov. 2017
    Successful training in Entrepreneurship of Dutch high school teachers

    In November, about 300 Dutch high school teachers were trained on the topic Entrepreneurship, by SBE professor Enno Masurel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). These trainings were commissioned by the Dutch ‘Landelijk Expertisecentrum voor Economie en Handel’, the organization that aims to collect and disseminate expertise in economics education. During three consecutive sessions (in Zwolle, Eindhoven and Amsterdam), the main focus of the training was on effectuation & causation, SWOT-analysis and the Porter Five Forces model. In the school year 2018/2019 a new final exam program for pre-university education will be implemented, and entrepreneurship is one crucial element of this new program. As Masurel felt that these subjects clearly needed an update, also attention was paid to an adjusted approach of the Business Model Canvas and to Sustainable Entrepreneurship. In January and February 2018 two more training sessions will follow.

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