NWO presents the new Science PPP fund at IXA

Do you want to know more about funding opportunities for research projects with industry?

NWO is coming to visit us to present the new Science PPP Fund: Tuesday 5th of March, 10:00 till 11.00 at IXA UvA-HvA (B0.160). If you want to sign up for this presentation, send an email to p.wybenga@ixa.nl
If there are sufficient VU registrations, we can also organize a session at the VU Campus in consultation with NWO.

The call opens at the beginning of February.

What is the Science PPP Fund?

The Science PPP Fund offers EUR 12 million for bottom-up research carried out within public-private partnerships between knowledge institutions and companies.
Projects need to follow within scope and budget of the top sectors Chemistry (incl. BBE), Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials, Agri & Food and ICT.   

What are the deadlines?

The Science PPP fund will have two deadlines for submission of proposals:
•    4th June 2019
•    8th October 2019
The second deadline will only be applicable if the financial budget available for the Topsector concerned has not reached its limit.

What project types are possible?

The NWO-Science PPP fund stimulates four project types, from very small, explorative projects to large consortia:

•    KIEM - Knowledge and Innovation Mapping: collaboration between an SME together with one or more knowledge institutes. The participating SME is located in The Netherlands and finances 20% of the project; NWO funds 80% of the project. The budget of a KIEM is between €20,000 and €50,000. For the first €5,000 an SME may contribute in kind.
•    LIFT- Launchpad for Future Technology: collaboration between at least one company and at least one knowledge institute. Project are on average financed for 20% by the private partner(s) in-cash and for 80% by NWO.
A LIFT project is usually executed and financed in two phases, while the project is submitted as a whole. The budget of a LIFT project is between €150,000 and €300,000.
•    TA - Technology Area: consortia of at least two companies and at least two knowledge institutes. NWO funds 70% of the project budget, the participating private partners together 30%.
The private contribution may be partly in-kind. The budget of a TA project is between €750,000 and €1,500,000.
•    IPP - Industrial Partnership Project: collaboration between one or more companies and one or more knowledge institutes. Projects are financed for 50% by NWO and 50% in cash by the private partner(s).
The budget of an IPP project is between €500,000 and €1,000,000.

NOTE: Proposals can only be submitted in the Science PPP-fund after obtaining a declaration of admissibility from one of the Topsectors involved in this call.