Collaborating with industry

A fit-for-purpose innovation

"VUmc and Philips have a long history together and the relationship is still very valuable to us. The VUmc is an important research partner and a global leader in nuclear medicine. In 2010, we came to a master research agreement with VUmc in which together we defined the foundations of our collaboration. The IXA team played an important role in this process. They ensure we create the right environment for the scientists to focus on what they do best: research. What this agreement clearly shows is that VUmc and Philips are looking towards the future together. One of the leading projects we are currently working on, together with the group of professor Guus van Dongen concerns the PET-MRI scanner. This is really a high priority project. Working with VUmc creates a unique opportunity as it allows us to test and validate a new technology in the clinical setting. This way, we ensure that we focus on a 'fit for purpose' innovation. Furthermore, this will accelerate the innovation track and it will support adoption by the market. Collaborating with VUmc creates the added value we are looking for."

Ernst Wodrada, District Manager West-Netherlands, Philips Healthcare

Match ambitions

"As a scientist working in an academic hospital my aim is to develop a solution that really benefits patients. Imaging is relevant to all clinical stages, starting with diagnosis and prognosis and ending with monitoring the effects of treatment and assessing the outcomes. In addition, imaging is a valuable tool to learn about the biology of disease. The quality of the imaging equipment is crucial and Philips is specialised in developing new scanner technology. By combining their innovation power with our expertise in tracer development and image analysis and interpretation, we believe we can achieve the best results. It is important that scientists and industry both acknowledge the added value of the collaboration. This awareness sometimes gets lost when the formal negotiations start. At that point, the involvement of IXA can get the process back on track. They are in the position to match the academic and industrial ambitions resulting in a win-win situation."

Guus van Dongen, Project leader VU University Medical Imaging Center Amsterdam Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine