Post-graduate education

Fierce competition

"The VU Law Academy offers post-academic education for legal professionals. Law is not a static phenomenon, but very much alive and under development. New laws and case law require legal professionals to stay up-to-date and post-academic education is essential in that respect. The VU Law Academy offers 200-300 courses and 20 specialization tracks, enrolling around 3000 participants on a yearly basis. Lawyers make up the majority of our participants, but we also serve legal counsels, company lawyers and notaries. The courses vary from 4-hour updates to in-depth specialisation programmes. These specialization tracks are closely related to the legal areas that the VU Faculty of Law excels in, such as pension law, contracting law and mergers and acquisitions. Post-academic education is an important way to valorise our academic knowledge. It offers a great channel to showcase our expertise and it generates a considerable revenue stream that benefits the academic efforts. The competition is fierce, but we generate a turnover of more than 2 million each year."

Jan Breed, Director VU Law Academy

Post-graduate education

Academic education is not exclusively geared towards the needs of bachelor, master or PhD students. In many professional areas, education remains essential to keep up with current developments and new insights. Post-graduate education  is therefore important. Professionals, ranging from accountants to dentists and from lawyers to managers, can choose short, targeted courses or in-depth programmes. VU and VUmc offer post-graduate education modules in accountancy, dentistry, governance, law, medicine, management and organisational sciences.