The business developers offer insights and expertise

Dare to be tough

According to Vermeulen, most scientists are unaware of the market value of their knowledge. "Scientists have an entrepreneurial attitude, but apart from a few exceptions, they are not purely commercially-driven entrepreneurs." The IXA team can adequately determine the value of knowledge and knows how to sell it, he says. And they don't shy away from tough negotiations. "I don't think I would dare to play the game that way. It is hard to decide on the best terms of a deal, but IXA really guided me in the right direction."

Formal settlement

So far, Vermeulen collaborated with IXA on three projects. "In one project, they suggested creating intellectual property rights on my work. I would never have thought of that possibility. They offer insights and expertise that I, as a researcher, don't have." The same goes for the formal conclusion of a deal, such as drawing up the contracts. "This is not to be underestimated. Many projects fail especially on this aspect. The IXA team has the knowledge and experience needed to handle the formal arrangements."

Ivar Vermeulen is assistant professor at the VU Department of Communication Science, Faculty of Social Sciences. His research has contributed to various online reputation management systems that have found their way to the market. IXA office VU-VUmc is his professional partner in these arrangements.

Making reviews work your way

Turn your customers into your company's ambassadors. That is the essence of the online reputation management tools developed by Olery. These user-friendly tools provide the leisure and hospitality industry insight into their online reputation and social media presence.

While being served appallingly on a terrace, Olery's founders Kim van den Wijngaard and Peter Boermans started thinking about how hotels should deal with poor reviews on social media and review sites like TripAdvisor. Diving into the subject, they came into contact with Ivar Vermeulen, assistant professor at Department of Communication Science at the VU, who agreed to assist them in developing a method to assess the reliability of reviews and review sites. "The support from Ivar and the VU really helped us on our way", says Peter Boermans. The IXA team provided valuable suggestions. Boermans: "Especially on potential funding sources for further technical development of our tools. All in all, collaborating with the VU was definitely worthwhile."

Peter Boermans, co-founder and CPO of Olery