Very convenient support

Very convenient support

"When Frank Hoek and I pondered our plans for GeriMedica back in 2006, we were not intending to start a company. However, IXA VU-Umc recommended it and very convenient for us, the team supported us in everything to do with incorporating a private company, such as acquiring capital and drawing up contracts with the shareholders. In addition, they also provided valuable input on our business plan and helped us prepare pitches. I can recommend teaming up with IXA VU-VUmc. Many promising ideas never make it because they are not handled professionally. Scientists like to think they know everything, but establishing a company is a trade in itself."
Thomas Ferguson, CEO and co-founder GeriMedica

About GeriMedica

GeriMedica supports professionals in delivering high-end, multidisciplinary care for elderly and chronically ill patients. The company's electronic medical record “Ysis” allows physicians, paramedics, psychologists and care support staff access to up-to-date information on each patient, resulting in a high quality and efficiently organized care setting.

Spin-off companies

When it comes to innovations, there are many roads to the market. Together with the scientists involved, the IXA team can help to determine a suitable strategy. In some cases, founding a VU/VUmc spin-off company offers the best route to commercialize know-how and/or intellectual property rights.