ACTA invention for tooth enamel protection finds its way to market

ACTA and VU have closed an exclusive licensing agreement with the Delft-based health care company BioClin International. A team of ACTA scientists led by Dr. Floris Bikker and Prof. Enno Veerman of the Oral Biochemistry section discovered five years ago that PHS (Phytosphingosine) can bind to tooth enamel. The substance forms a protective layer over the tooth enamel which reduces the harmful influence of acid and bacteria. This invention is now finding its way into practice, because the addition of PHS to oral care products offers new opportunities of innovative concepts for improving oral health. ACTA supports BioClin in research into new applications of PHS. BioClin collaborates with large companies that develop products in the field of oral care.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) is the owner of the intellectual property and encourages the application of knowledge in practice in products and processes that benefit society through the technology transfer department Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA).

ACTA is the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, the joint dentistry Faculty of UvA and VU. ACTA offers bachelor's and master's programs for dentistry students, provides specialist dental care and performs leading scientific research.

BioClin develops, markets and delivers health care products for retail and business to business. BioClin products are based on scientific research and have proven efficacy and strong added value. The company has a strong international orientation with a worldwide scope.