Ahti launches healthtech incubator in Amsterdam

Ahti (Amsterdam health & technology institute) launches HealthInc – the incubator program for entrepreneurs in health and technology. The program will take place in the Amsterdam health & technology center, the health tech hub of Amsterdam, situated next to the Academic Medical Center (AMC).

HealthInc is an intensive full-time incubator program for early stage health and technology entrepreneurs. During ten weeks, the participants will dive into the various aspects of developing and accelerating their venture. The first edition starts on Monday 9 October, 2017. Registration is now open. 

Visit the website for more info.

HealthInc is the latest program developed by ahti. It fits ahti’s mission to achieve better quality of healthcare at lower costs by the use of technology and by creating a health ecosystem to accelerate the change.

Amsterdam is the ideal city for this initiative. The city is investing in realizing a healthy city by combining the available forces and capabilities. Amsterdam has world renowned health researchers, data specialists and healthcare institutions. Moreover, it has proven to have a booming entrepreneurial community.