Amsterdam Science Park welcomes first companies of Startup Village

Startup Village, an initiative of Amsterdam Science Park, ACE Venture lab and UvA Holding, is officially open for business with the occupancy of the first high-tech startups. Last month Metrica Sports, aiir Innovations and Delphi BI settled in their Startup Village studio on the park among others. The first phase of construction is finished. In the coming months Startup Village will expand to a complete village with several labs, event spaces, a community space and a number of scale-up areas for fast-growing companies. ACE Venture Lab provides coaching and Amsterdam Science Park provides facilities and network. Together, they help young entrepreneurs develop their science-based ideas into commercial products.


The foundation of the business village is set with the occupancy of the first start-up companies. Meanwhile, preparations for expansion are in full swing: beginning of November the doors of the first co-working space will open and 25 new businesses, 150 residents, several LABS and an event venue are expected to be in place in the spring of 2017. "Startup Village is more than a place for entrepreneurs, it is also an incubator and above all a laboratory for innovative concepts in various areas: from artificial intelligence to green chemistry and from physics to biodiversity. The container roofs even have the potential to turn into a lab, for example, for real-time measurements and experiments in collaboration with the Amsterdam Green Campus. Of course Amsterdam has enough startup houses, but none of them have such a strongly association with the university and science, "says Erik Boer, director of the co-initiator ACE Venture Lab.


Startup Village offers the brand new entrepreneurs affordable spaces of 5x12 or 5x6 meters entirely designed to their own taste. Moreover, ACE Venture Lab, as landlord, together with Amsterdam Science Park, provides a network of entrepreneurs from fellow start-ups to large multinationals. For those seeking a more ready-to-use workstation, currently a number of graduates of design academy Artemis are designing the layout of several innovation-LABS.

First inhabitants

Metrica Sports, aiir Innovations and Delphi BI were the first who moved into their studios. The common denominator of these novice entrepreneurs is their scientific and high-tech base. Metrica Sports designes a tool that digitally analyses football matches, called Footmapp, Aiir Innovations develops software for aerospace engineers to quickly and efficiently execute the turbine inspection process and Delphi BI provides companies with data-driven business intelligence.

Joint Venture

"And a lot of new initiatives and entrepreneurs will follow," says Boer. "With IT Innovator Info Support we are setting up an innovation lab and with the Equinix Data Center the Event Space will be realised." He UvA Holding CEO Peter Krijnsen and Leo Le Duc, CEO of Amsterdam Science Park, joined forces to create the first and largest science-based startup collective in Amsterdam. "We have been looking for a frayed edge of Amsterdam Science Parkfor a while now, and through Startup Village it has been realised. It offers students an accessible opportunity to start a business in a place where they have easy access to Science Parks available knowledge of high-quality scientific institutions such as CWI, AMOLF, Nikhef and the University of Amsterdam. We look forward to all the smart ideas and businesses that will emerge here, "said Leo le Duc. Other partners of Startup Village are Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), City of Amsterdam and architect Julius Taminiau. Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park is the first of a number of scientific incubators that are set up in Amsterdam. With Talent for Innovation, a grant program that was recently approved by the City of Amsterdam, IXA enable the opening of similar startup places in the foreseeable future in Amsterdam, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Campus and the AMC.