Caelus Health concludes strategic partnership with Chr Hansen

The AMC-spin out biotech company Caelus Health is developing innovative products to prevent diabetes in people who have a reduced insulin sensitivity and are at risk of developing diabetes.
The products of Caelus are based on microbiota, microorganisms in the human gut, which have demonstrated the ability to improve the insulin sensitivity.
The first product  contains a beneficial gut microorgansm named Eubacterium hallii and is already in clinical development. A trial is performed at the AMC to study the safety and efficacy of E. hallii in people who are overweight and at risk of diabetes. In the first clinical study a frozen drink is taken daily for 4 weeks.
In close cooperation with the Danish company Chr. Hansen a freeze dried powder (like Nescafé) will be developed and production will be scaled up to Industrial level. Chr Hansen A/S is one of the global leaders in production of probiotics and other ingredients for the food and pharma industry and therefore an attractive partner in this phase of development.

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