‘Check before Submit’: notorious predatory journals and publishers

Recently IXA UvA-HvA (Marco Caspers and Klaas de Vries) provided legal assistance to a professor of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), by having his name and credentials removed from the website of a so-called ‘predatory publisher’.

The professor was wrongfully mentioned as the chairman of the Editorial Board of UK based Open Access Publishing London Ltd. Open Access Publishing London therefore unlawfully misused the names of both the professor as well as the UvA, thereby claiming credibility with their credentials. To put it simply, the names of the professor and the UvA were used as bate for researchers seeking an outlet for their papers, who then pay an article processing fee in exchange for a peer-review system that in fact does not exist.

Such a fraudulent approach is common practice for these so-called and notorious ‘predatory Open Access publishers’.

The legal foundation of the case against Open Access Publishing London Ltd. was the fact that mentioning the names of the professor and the University of Amsterdam on said website constitutes an infringement of the reputation and personal data of the professor, as well as of UvA’s reputation, trademark and tradename rights. The mentioning of the UvA and the professor on the website was damaging to both their (academic) reputations. They were wrongfully considered by their academic peers to be linked with the fraudulent behavior of Open Access Publishing London.

Pursuant to the legal actions initiated by IXA UvA-HvA, the name of the professor and the online trail have been successfully and permanently erased from the World Wide Web. Open Access Publishing London Ltd. was dissolved by voluntary strike-off.

Check before submit
‘Check before Submit’: you can find overviews of predatory journals via https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/ and https://scholarlyoa.com/individual-journals/. Also visit this site for relevant tips on the subject: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/