Dutch horticulture on European agenda

On Monday 30 May a Greenport Holland Conference took place in the faculty building. The conference, co- organized by the Amsterdam Green Campus, was dedicated to the importance of horticulture in the European Union. Jan Huitema, member of the European Parliament, was the keynote speaker.

Jan Huitema underlined the importance of Dutch horticultural products and companies for sustainable solutions to European challenges, such as the quality of life in cities, the supply of healthy and safe fruits and vegetables and the rapid development of tailor-made varieties. He also stressed that Europe is just as important to the Dutch horticulture. Horticulture should therefore become an important part of the agricultural agenda in Brussels. The conference was meant as a building block for this horticultural agenda. The attendees could share their input about the issues they face in relation to the EU.

Business platform Greenport Holland, regional Greenport Aalsmeer, the Province of North Holland and Amsterdam Green Campus were the organizers of the conference.

Amsterdam Green Campus

Amsterdam Green Campus is a regional platform where researchers, educational institutions and entrepreneurs collaborate on innovation and on educating talent within the green sector. University of Amsterdam Professor of Plant Physiology Michel Haring is one of the initiators.

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