VU closes license agreement with ENPICOM for the computational biology method ConBind

ENPICOM has acquired a license from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to use ConBind, a computational biology method that can be used for the identification of novel genetic markers for trait selection.
By acquiring this exclusive license, ENPICOM is entitled to use this method to develop commercial applications for trait selection in plant and animal breeding.
These applications can, for example, guide the breeding of plants that cope better with drought or extreme heat to meet today's global food challenges.
ConBind was developed at the department of Integrative Bioinformatics, led by Prof. Dr. Jaap Heringa.

About Enpicom

ENPICOM  is a start-up founded by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam alumni Alvise Trevisan and Nicola Bonzanni and was founded in 2015.
Visit the ENPICOM website for more information about the company.