Entrepreneurship education partnership evolves

Since 2008, VU, UvA and HvA (and  in recent years Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK)) have been working together in promoting and developing entrepreneurship education  through the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). The ACE partnership has been extremely successful: many forms of entrepreneurial education have been developed since the start of ACE, such as the VU-UvA joint Master in Entrepreneurship, several minors in entrepreneurship and a growing number of (optional) subjects in the field of entrepreneurship. In short, entrepreneurship education has matured. These courses are now embedded in mainstream education and in the course catalog, making the original mission of ACE successful. External curricular activities in the field of entrepreneurship education were also set up, such as the ACE Summer School.  All of these are significant achievements compared to the start of ACE in 2008.
The various partners are now deepening and broadening entrepreneurship education in their own institutes and will keep working together in the different valorisation programs, including the IXAnext program Talent for Innovation.

The cooperation will also be continued in the external entrepreneurship curricular activities. For example the International Summer School will be organized twice in 2017 after the success of last year. The incubator project, which started as ACE Venture Lab in 2013, will be further developed around the Amsterdam universities in the coming years under the IXAnext program.