Finalists Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2018 presented

The finalists for the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award and the nominations for the Impact Award 2018 are presented.

Innovation Award

The jury, led by Barbara Baarsma, selected five finalists for the Innovation Award from all submissions from the Amsterdam knowledge and research institutes. The innovations and new technologies offer innovative solutions for a wide range of social issues.

The winners will be announced during the festive finals on Tuesday, June 19. The finalists for the Innovation Award will pitch their idea to a professional jury and the public. The expert jury, consisting of representatives from industry and the Amsterdam knowledge institutes, will take into account the innovativeness, feasibility and fulfillment of market needs. The finalists have a chance of winning the top prize of ten thousand euros.

The finalists for the Innovation Award are:

André Baart | VU | Kasadaka: a voice-service platform to bridge the digital divide
Berno Bucker | VU | Attention Architects: Eye-tracking research in the outside world and Mixed Reality
Oscar Franken | VU | Experimental setup to simulate effects of climate change on ecosystems
Wouter Potters | AMC | EEG controlled triage in the ambulance for acute ischemic stroke (ELECTRA-STROKE)
Adriana Zekveld | VUmc | LISET: the first LIStening Effort Test

Impact Award

This year, the Impact Award will also be presented for the first time to researchers who have made an important contribution to society. For this award, researchers were nominated from the Amsterdam knowledge institutions and the jury nominated six researchers. On 19 June the Impact Award will be awarded in two categories: alpha/gamma and beta/life sciences.

The nominees are:

Beta/life sciences
René Bernards
| Antonie van Leeuwenhoek | Molecular Carcinogenesis
Marcel van Herk | Antonie van Leeuwenhoek | Radiotherapy
Sophia Kramer | VUmc | KNO-Hoofdhalsurgery, section Ear & Hearing - Amsterdam Public Health research institute
Philip Scheltens | VUmc | Neurology - Alzheimer's center

Erik Scherder
| VU | Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences IBBA: Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam
Peter Weijs | HvA | Exercise, Sport and Nutrition

If you want to attend the festive finale sign up because a limited number of seats are available. Visit the website of Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award for more information.

About the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is the competition for Amsterdam's most innovative,  scientific idea. Thirteen years ago, the award was first organized by IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, the valorisation center of the UvA, VU, VUmc, HvA and the AMC) to make the valuable ideas based on scientific research visible. This year, the Impact Award will also be presented for the first time. The event is a collaboration of IXA with City of Amsterdam, NKI / AVL, Inholland, Tata Steel, Rabobank, V.O., Sanquin, Van Essen Patent, SURFSara and Healthinc.

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