Grant proposal approved for XR4Y 

The company of XR4Y successfully applied for the “Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren Haalbaarheidsprojecten”. With this grant the founders of XR4Y, Wesley Poland and Joran Angevaare, can now perform a feasibility study on their plans. They envision a mobile device that provides people, who unfortunately had an accident that possibly resulted in a fracture, to make an X-ray image of the injury. An advice will be given on-site by the use of an online community consisting radiologists. One would not have to go to the hospital and thus saved time and money. This idea provides the increasing demand of healthcare on the spot. It also addresses the increasing urge to become more independent and taking control of one’s own health and could be employed at organizations such as retirement homes or sport clubs. The overcrowded hospitals will also see a lightened burden from their first aid department. The feasibility study will provide the opportunity to address for several technical, legal and financial aspects and also allows for the search of potential partners to work with.