Jurre den Haan (VUmc) winner of TEDxAmsterdam

Jurre den Haan (VUmc) is the winner of TEDxAmsterdam. His talk was about (I-READ) Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, a study which will start soon on the use of the spice turmeric to early and patient friendly detect Alzheimer disease in the eye.

Can an easily available spice help diagnose Alzheimer’s decades before the first symptoms occur? Jurre den Haan proposes a system using turmeric to tag the proteins that cause Alzheimer’s. With den Haan’s system, the proteins that manifest themselves in the brain can be seen in the eye, which he calls “the window to the brain.” Look here for an interview with Jurre.

Jurre den Haan also won the Audience Award of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2015 earlier this year.