Case studies on Amsterdam startups

Under the IXANext valorisation program, 2 of the 10 planned entrepreneurship case studies have been completed so far and feature Amsterdam-based startups Metrica Sports and Optics11. The case studies are designed to be used as teaching resources at any education level but mainly for Bachelor- and Master-level entrepreneurship courses at universities – as well as in executive education. They consist of a written text and an introductory video that can both be used free of charge. After registration, teachers can get access to teaching notes and a discussion forum to learn how the cases can be used in class.

To give entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam a more local touch 10 Amsterdam cases are developed as part of the IXAnext program with support of the City of Amsterdam. By involving local cases, students get inspiring examples from their immediate environment. The first two cases – Metrica Sports and Optics11 – have now been completed and can be viewed and downloaded on the IXA website. Lecturers will be able to register on the associated platform. After registration, they also get access to teaching notes and a discussion forum to learn how these cases might be used in class.

Sharing the knowledge at launch event

The two completed cases were presented at the launch event on 17 January. Attendees from Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences gave feedback on how the studies can be used in their entrepreneurship teaching programmes and suggested topics to be covered in the remaining eight case studies. More than 40 people joined the event. Participants also received information on how they can develop their own case study. New suggested cases are: Tony Chocolonely, SRXP, serial entrepreneur Boris Velthuijzen van Zanten, and Radically Open Security. Topics to be covered included, decision making, internationalization, learning and decision making, financing, ip protection.

IXAnext program: Talent for innovation

In collaboration with UvA, AMC, VU, VUmc and HvA (AUAS-Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and the research institutes AMOLF and Nikhef, IXA gives a strong impulse to entrepreneurship, innovation and valorization in the collaborative valorization program ‘IXAnext; Talent for innovation’. The goal of the program is to stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in education and research. This will be accomplished among others in the form of Innovation Labs, increase the support given to start-ups and spin-offs in incubators and additionally to improve entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam by developing additional initiatives, such as case studies and an appointed pool of mentors. See for more information on Entrepreneurship Education in IXAnext program.

IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam) is the valorization centre of the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center, VU Medical Center and  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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