Proof of concept funding for Nico.lab (AMC spin-off)

During 2016 Nico-lab applied for and received Proof on Concept funding to further develop a number of software products they licensed from the AMC. The software was generated in the research groups of Dr. Majoie and Dr. Marquering.

 Nico-lab aims to reduce the massive economic burden caused by stroke and improve the quality of life of stroke patients, using computer vision techniques to automatically analyse medical images, improving both the speed of treatment decision and the accuracy.

Nico-lab is building a solution that combines the output from advanced algorithms with expert advice from independent leading stroke specialists. This is offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution allowing easy repeatability. In this way they aim to relieve the annual economic burden of € 38,4 billion caused by stroke  [European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics; 2012] with € 1,7 billion.

Nico-lab is a spin-off of the leading Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) for stroke. They employ a combination of key scientists, IT engineers and experienced business entrepreneurs. Nico-lab has commercialised its solution for use in clinical trials and is at present working for a large pharmaceutical company.