Startup and Running

A new platform for (student) entrepreneurs to find startup coaches.

Finding a good mentor is difficult but in the start-up phase of a company to be able to spar with an experienced entrepreneur is a very important aspect. Therefore the Startup and Running platform was launched on 5 April. Via this platform, Amsterdam students who want to start a business within the mentoring pool of Startup and Running can find a mentor that suits them. A mentor really makes the difference when starting a business.

Because finding an experienced mentor can be tricky, the Mentor Matching tool Startup and Running was developed, says Bram Kuijken, initiator of the platform. Being able to reflect with an experienced entrepreneur helps to make the right decisions. Bas Lemmens, co-founder of Booking.com, who officially opened the website, shares this opinion. "Entrepreneurship can be very lonely, that is why you need a mentor. As an entrepreneur you have a vision but you need someone with whom you can test this. "

A mentor can also be of great value in a more mature phase of a company. The mentors are experienced entrepreneurs who can advise the starting entrepreneurs in the various phases of their company.

In addition to finding a mentor, students can also find co-founders and generate exposure for their company on the Startup and Running platform. For more information and registration, see Startupandrunning.

The Mentor Match Tool Startup and Running is part of the IXAnext program: Talent for Innovation and is made possible by the City of Amsterdam, UvA, VU, VUmc, HvA and AMC.